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Leadership Network of Inspired Black Men

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Black men inspiring, building and collaborating with other Black men to achieve their most ambitious goals.

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Black Men in have many systematic and cultural obstacles that can prevent us from living full lives. This includes, lowest life expectancy, highest unemployment, highest incarceration and lowest graduation rates. Members of The Giant's Den are defying those statistics everyday. This is the community that provides the perspectives, resources and relationships to keep moving forward.

The Giants’ Den is a paid leadership network for Black men, based in Los Angeles California. Established in 2019, we safely built an organization for inspired Black men to network, enterprise, and grow because historically, we have not had access to such spaces. We haven't allowed this to keep us from becoming leaders! The Giant's den has served as a reliable collective of like-minded Black men to recharge socially, emotionally, and professionally.

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More than 95% of members reported to have better health, finances and relationshipssince joining The Giant's Den.

Where will i connect with others?

  • Weekly Virtual Meetings
  • Monthly In-person Activites
  • Annual Summit
  • Special Privateevents

What is the monetary costs of membership?

Members pay 25$ per week. This amount is debited on monthly basis.


No. Although most of our members live in Southern California, approximately 25% of members live outside of California and participant virtually.

HOW CAN I Become a Member?

Complete an interests form for review. After our team reviews your interests form, you may be contacted to schedule a virtual interview for membership consideration.